Our Nutrition Policy












It is our Policy:

To ensure that all children are offered nutritious and tasty meals every day.
Portions of all the major food groups are available each day.
For breakfast the children have a choice of cereal and toast.
All children receive a snack mid morning e.g. A selection of sandwiches,digestive biscuits or crackers.
An afternoon snack is also provided but parents are asked to send in something extra to accompany this snack.
The drinks offered at meal times are water, milk or diluted juice. The children are encouraged to drink milk and water.
All the meals provided do not contain any additives e.g. salt or sugar.
Treats are only given on Fridays and parents are encouraged only to provide sweet things on Fridays also.
Any special dietary requirements should be discussed with management and all requirements are catered for e.g. vegetarians.
Children with allergies are looked after and great care is taken to ensure that they never come in contact with their allergic substance. Allergies are on the notice board in the child's room for the carers to see.